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Grand Mesa’s Color Sunday Week

September 16th 2008

Grand Mesa Color SundayGrand Mesa’s is a place full of high mountains sleeping under green beds and beautiful valleys. The normal range of Grand Mesa ranges from 10,000 to 11,000 feat above sea level. This September 22nd, 2008 to September 28th, 2008 will have a color Sunday week which will have all beautiful colorful flowers and greenery.

Grand Mesa’s is a very big place that is why it is apt for hiking and trails because as because of large area it is not congested with people and also a place is always at an ease. This is one of the most soft and beautiful place in Colorado. Grand Mesa’s has always been very popular among the hikers and adventurous people as it gives them a chance to explore and take a glee of true natural habitat. But this Sunday color week will have that colorful extra effect that will be more interesting for the people to see. For further detailed information just log on to the below website or contact the below address:

When: Date: Sep 22nd 08 to Sep 28th 08

Cedaredge, CO 81413
Phone: 970-856-4153
Web: Click Here

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